Panoramic Sunroof Leaking?


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I also received this letter, and was going to have them comply to the recall this summer when I don't need the vehicle. My dealer...and this is why I think VW has a lot of it's problems, is the service department. First off - it's an Audi/VW dealership, so I am mixed in with a premium brand. You would think that the customer care in service would be top notch, but it is not.

They look at a VW and sort of put you in as a second class citizen, BUT they charge the premium it's sort of screwed up! I noted on the recall that it would take an hour to accomplish UNLESS there are other priorities. I figure I will drop the car off for them and tell them to fix it and if I don't get it back in the first day, the second day I will start to squawk and get it back home after a few days.

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