Questions for those who have LIFTEd their AT...skid plates?


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I seem to be one of the odd-ducks here and VWvortex who wants to go up a bit, vs lowering my swissarmyknife go anywhere (kinda) vehicle.

See suspension forum, but adding here:
Any thoughts on, experience with aftermarket skid plates?
I read the stock plastic one piece is pretty sturdy, more than just a rain shield as in other VWs.

The question is, is it worth it to replace with aluminum skid plates and how do they hold up?
(I had an Odin on my old 96 Tdi PassatWagon and it saved me MANY times in places I had no business going.

This summer/fall has a long SoCal--->AK--->cross Canuckistan---Upstate NY trip ahead, and like to have more peace of mind, based on others experience...


PS: if anyone has a link to the guy who did full underbody plates based on German car OEM aero option- please send that- he posted a bunch of posts, including part numbers at a Facebook Alltrack group, but I cant seem to find it now...
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