DSG Paddles for Alltrack?


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Hi everyone,

I am delighted by my new Alltrack, and do quite often enjoy driving more spiritedly using the DSG steering wheel mounted paddles for shifting. I also love using them for winter driving in snowstorms.

I've noticed many DSG shift paddle extenders available for Golfs, GTI's, Golf R's and more available on the internet, from various aftermarket suppliers. They are made from aluminum, carbon fiber, even titanium. There are typically 3 kinds of paddle enhancements you could make:
1.) stick-on extensions, which simply get adhered to the existing OEM factory paddles using 3M double-sided tapes
2.) screw-on extensions, which unfortunately would permanently mark your OEM factory paddles with holes or dimples
3.) complete replacement paddles, which involves taking apart the steering wheel and/or paddle assemblies themselves, and is therefore the most labor-intensive of these options

Some of these are quite garish, brightly colored or boy-racer in their style or looks. I'm definitely more interested in ones that look more OEM, more conservative, and would blend in (not stick out). I'd like to keep the cockpit looking stock/OEM.

Again, the BIG PROBLEM is that they exist for the aforementioned Golf's, GTI's and Golf R's, but not ones specifically made for our Golf Alltrack. Apparently, in my research, I've seen that not all DSG paddles from VW are the same size and shape.

Have you seen DSG paddles specifically for our Alltracks out there? If so, please list, link and show them below, and thanks!!!



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Did you ever find something that worked? I hear the Passat B7 paddles will fit but I have yet to order them.