40k DSG service


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Figured I'd post this FYI.
Just did the 40k DSG transmission service on my 2017 Alltrack, had the benefit of a knowledgeable friend with a lift and scan tool.
Not really that difficult of a job, the most time consuming part is removing the air box assembly , battery and tray with associated wire clips.
Everything can be done with common hand tools.
You need to have a funnel that will either fit the center hole in the filter housing or screw into drain plug hole, we had one that fit the filter
housing. The on caveat is ...you need to have a way of determining when the trans fluid is up to temp and then drain off excess, my buddy
had software on a laptop for this.
There are some instructional videos on Youtube that are helpful.
I paid $120 for the materials Deutsche Auto on line, think dealers charge somewhere between $350-$450.

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