All weather tires in Chicago

My daughter got an Alltrack and she lives in Chicago. She does mostly local driving on city streets including downtown areas. My first thought was to get her snow tires and wheels and change them out twice a year. Now I am wondering about just changing out the allseason tires that came with the car for allweather tires which have the snowflake and are winter rated. The best one, according to the reviews I have read, is the Michelin but it isn't currently being made in the Alltrack size. From what I can see, there is currently only one that fits the Alltrack: As one can see, it gets good reviews.

Grand Touring All-Season
(340) |Reviews (307) Details & Pricing
Size: 205/55R17
Load Range: XL
Serv. Desc: 95V
UTQG: 400 A A

So...I am wondering what you all think of that as an option.