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Hi, just purchased a 2018 Alltrack SEL last week that had been sitting on the dealers? lot for 12 months. So far I love the car but was sad to realize it does not have the blind spot indicator. Does anyone know if this can be added? Thanks.

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I don't know but IF you were willing to cough up a lot of money maybe, I guarantee it would be very very expensive, your talking about all new sensors mirrors programming and more + labor. would be the place to buy parts, you would have to know each part number though and that would be challenging to order you have to know the part # (s) or vin # but they sell for European cars and I don't know if N.A. cars would be in their data base.
I hate to sound so discouraging but I think you'll find it not worthwhile. e-acca is in Latvia. I've purchased from them in the past and I was very pleased with their handling of my order.
Sounds like you might have done the same as me...when I was researching the Alltrack I saw videos that showed Blind Spot Indicator system on a Alltrack and assumed the SEL had it, it must right it's the "top of the line"...nope!

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