Systems fail when on washboard dirt roads.


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2017 VW Golf Alltrack SEL
Hi all,
I have a 2017 Golf Alltrack SEL, which I’ve owned since brand new. When I take it on dirt roads it’s fine and good—but when I get to washboard sections, or anything a little rough, even when I take it slow, I guess you could say the car freaks out a little bit.
I lose many of the technical features like the tire pressure monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, park pilot/assist, positraction, and gives me the amber exclamation point in the triangle after saying something to effect that driver assist systems are off/failed.
I’ve asked a few different dealerships about it and they haven’t a clue but don’t think it’s normal.
Not a big deal, just kind of a nuisance, as it usually takes several miles or starts for those systems to reset once I’m back on smoother road. Also annoying to have all those dash lights on and not have as much notice as possible that I could have a flat.
I’ve tried the different driver modes like Off-Road(which I think is designed to turn off the positraction and does), but it still happens. Does anyone else experience this? Thanks in advance.