Pure White Timeline - Project Talltrack V2

Greetings! As I have done with every other vehicle I have had, I am starting a timeline thread to help me keep track of progress. I am coming out of a 2017 Alltrack S manual that was totaled in August 2018 by a 26 year old girl running a red light.

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Vehicle Information

2018 Volkswagen Alltrack S
1.8T (170 hp | 199 lb-ft)
Six speed manual gearbox
Purchased from Young Volkswagen in Easton, Pa (22 September 2018)
LC9A Pure White

Current Odometer

10,300 miles


  • CTS Turbo intake
  • Burger Motorsports JB4
  • United Motorsport Haldex tune
  • AWE Tuning Touring cat-back
  • AWE Tuning 90mm exhaust tips


  • OEM European light switch
  • OEM switchable hatch light
  • OEM auto dimming rear view mirror with Home Link installed, calibrated, and programmed
  • SiriusLED 3020 36mm festoon LED hatch bulb
  • OEM warning triangle in rear hatch
  • Burger Motorsports short throw clutch stop
  • OEM LED footwell in glovebox
  • ECS Tuning hatch struts
  • DIY hatch release button


  • OEM European aspherical mirrors
  • OEM Bumper guard
  • OEM base carrier bars
  • Klii Motorwerkes door decals
  • Thule Canyon 859 roof basket (shared with wife's R32)
  • Curt 114223 Class 1 Trailer Hitch
  • Tekonsha 118730 Trailer Wiring
  • Lamin-x yellow fog lamp film
  • Lamin-x clear head lamp film
  • Opti-Coat Pro+
  • Opti-Glass Pro
  • Opti-Metal Guard on exhaust tips


  • BEC Autoparts Golf R Headlamps
  • The Bearded Detailer head lamp leveling kit
  • OEM European LED outer tail lamps
  • Morimoto 5500K HID kit
  • Hella Optilux H11 yellow fog lamp bulbs
  • The Bearded Detailer rear fog retrofit (adapter harness and assembly)


  • Bearded Elevation System 1" lift kit (BES1)
  • Firestone 4175 Coil-Rite Air Helper Spring Kit
  • EMD Auto rear sway bar


  • 42 Draft Designs 15mm spacers (rear)
  • 42 Draft Designs 45mm bolts (rear)
  • OEM steel wheels; 16" x 6.5", et50
  • Nokian Rotiiva, 215/65R16 102T
  • OEM VW valve stem caps
  • OEM lug caps


  • Factory


  • VCDS: fog lights on with high beams
  • VCDS: instrument needle sweep
  • VCDS: driver seat heated seat retention
  • VCDS: passenger seat heated seat retention
  • VCDS: off road menu activated
  • VCDS: passenger mirror dip with reverse
  • VCDS: remote windows open and close
  • VCDS: disable seatbelt chime
  • VCDS: disable door open/ignition chime
  • VCDS: DRL as option on MIB
  • VCDS: high beams and fog lights flash together
  • VCDS: hatch open with remote
  • VCDS: rear fog light enabled
  • VCDS: single-sided parking lights
  • VCDS: rear turn signals on with hatch open
  • VCDS: instrument cluster illuminated with parking lights
  • VCDS: instrument cluster correction for larger tires

States Visited

  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
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To Do List

Listed are the parts that I want to purchase and add to the Alltrack. If it is red, then it has been ordered. If it is blue, then it is in my possession.

  • Opti-Coat Ultra clear bra
  • OEM Power Folding Mirrors: 5GG-898-207
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Present and Past Vehicles

The vehicles that have been with me along the way. There are more but these are really the only ones worth mentioning.

My wife's 2008 .:R32

My old Alltrack - totaled

My A4 - traded

My Passat 3.6 - traded

My GLI - totaled

My Jetta Coupe 2.0 ABA - sold

My Beetle - sold
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I realize that I have not been on here in a while so I will only do two updates regarding lighting. I recently wired up the leveling motors in the BEC Autoparts headlamps to an OEM European dimmer switch, which has a second roller specifically for moving the head lights up and down.

I tried to make them as plug and play as possible but sadly there is no mating connector to the factory dimmer switch connector, so I simply removed the pins from that and plugged them into the European connector. Not that difficult thankfully. Now the lights can be moved up and down depending on the load in my hatch right from my dash.

View: https://youtu.be/8hpx56ONjV4

Next, I installed OEM European LED outer tail lamps since I already had the driver side inner for a rear fog. The hardest part was getting the coding correct which I am not happy with. Instead of the parking lights being used during the single sided parking lights, I coded the turn signals to fill this role.

View: https://youtu.be/gtHD5SeLRmg

Other than that, I am just driving and enjoying the car. Just rolled over 10,000 miles this weekend and I will be changing the oil today. I do need alignment soon and before I do that, I will be upgrading the rear shocks to Atlas shocks. The Opti-Coat Ultra clear bra is here and I just need time to install it and coat that.
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Wow! Lots of detailed work already, very nicely integrated into existing parts, etc.
I'm drooling especially over the lights mods.

Sent you an email on your site, but curious here, and for feedback from others:
Hows that two part Bearded Detailer lift kit holding up?
Enough orders in the pipeline for another manufacture run, soon?

How about the atlas shocks on rear, and ? Up front?
Any problems/breakage after a year of the bumps wear and tear?

Any issues when getting air over hoop de whoops, as to hitting the bottom of spring travel?

Rear sway bar worth it if lifting another inch?

Brakes? Worth it to get the Audi TTs? (Note the Deutsch Auto Parts youtube has done some testing- need 10mm spacers on no less than 17" wheels to get a fit...)

Whats best wheels and tires combo value vs price for no-kidding ice and snow all winter long?

Anyone use chains in an area that prohibits studs, and what holds up best there?

Going to be hitting forest roads June 2019 and gravel to AK, then some time in Canuckistan, then upstate NY by winter 2019. Might tow a #1000 lb tent camper on
the Ecohitch but prob gonna need airbags in the back: Saw on the FB site that someone did that a couple years back but no update on how it holds up.

Like to have bulletproof suspension without blowing the budget...and ready for snows and steelies when it blows.
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