2018 SEL Alltrack tire/wheel size???


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Help - I need to know if a 2018 SEL Alltrack can run different size wheels (currently 18' rims - 225/45R18). I had a dealer state running different size wheels/tires can mess us the AWD, I am CONSTANTLY popping these tires. I just need advice ASAP. Just need advice.
Thanks all!
What size are you looking to use? As far as I know you can run any size WHEEL you want as long as they'll fit and not interfere (rub) anywhere. Tires are a little different story. You should try to keep the diameter as close to stock
as possible. You can vary the diameter a little and not have to worry. I have 3 sets of wheels/tires for my SEL 2 sets are stock TIRE size 225/45/18 but the wheels are 18x8, another set I have are 18x8.5 wheels and have 245/40/18
tires. They all fit fine, I have no issue, maybe the dealer was just telling you a possibility of it messing wit the AWD, it hasn't on my car.
My Alltrack SEL came with 18x7.5 wheels and 225/45/18 tires.

I just re-read your post and am thinking you want to downsize to a 17 or even 16 wheel to get more sidewall is that correct? That's perfectly acceptable just keep in mind the stock diameter of your stock tire size.
If you want smaller wheel diameter 17" wheels would take 205/55/17...16" wheels 205/65/16 (according to tire rack) and both whee/ tire combos would be perfectly acceptable.
You'll probably gain MPG and ride comfort (in general) and tires not "popping" but loose in traction/cornering going with smaller size wheels. Just understand those 2 smaller sizes probably won't be considered "high performance tires" you'll be looking at "normal tires" not generally known for performance research reviews before you settling on any tire would be my best advise re: which tire. Good luck.