I love my DSG steering wheel-mounted paddles, and use them quite often, but wonder if they're a little tiny, when I turn the wheel and want to shift at the same time.

I have seen many aftermarket paddle extensions that can be added to the OEM VW DSG paddles, but they're for other Golf variants, most especially the GTI and Golf R. I have done some research and most, if not all of these are NOT compatible with the specific paddles we have in the Alltrack, (talking size, shape, dimensions, etc.).

I am wondering if any of you have found any Alltrack-compatible paddle extenders?

The options out there for the GTI and bretheren vary in how they're affixed to the paddles; some are simply adhered on with double-sided 3M tape (easy install but I worry they could feel flimsy), some are screwed into the existing paddle with set screws (more sturdy, but marks and potentially damages paddles, which is bad), and others are complete paddle replacements, requiring disassembly of the steering wheel to varying degrees (harder to install, much more expensive!).

As far as appearance, some are more OEM-looking, (my preference, by far), while others are more "Autozone-y", with carbon-fiber weaves or machined aluminum, or even bright red anodized aluminum. Again, I'd prefer a much more understated, OEM look.

If you have some of these paddles for your Alltrack, let's hear about it! Thanks!